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There are over 1.2 billion mobile gamers worldwide. 59% of them spend over 15 minutes searching for a game that, 72% of the time, they only play that game once or twice before they uninstall it. The app stores have over 1.5 million games (growing by 400/day) and are unable to cope, simply creating more categories to search through. People are also left to manually organise the games on their devices, quite often leaving some unused for over 6 months!

ANDi is your personal mobile gaming assistant which makes finding new mobile games to play an easy and fluid process by actively recommending games based on your mobile gaming history. ANDi also helps you manage the games you currently have, helping you choose which game to play or remove at the best times.

Our early stage Android app launched in January 2017, boasting a ‘Tinder for Games’ feature that learns which games you like as you swipe as well as a proactive notification system to re-engage our users.

After joining Wayra, the accelerator run by Telefonica (o2), in February 2017, we started working alongside industry experts, some from Amazon and Google, who run regularly workshops.

In April 2017 ANDi Games Ltd was accepted into the Facebook FbStart Bootstrap incubator program.

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Ben Woolf (CEO) deals with overall company ops, investors and partnerships. Sam Koch (CTO) builds the tech powering ANDi. Kris Wingfield-Bennett (CMO) handles our marketing and website, including the blog and content writers. Each of us are absolutely motivated to make ANDi a major success. With regards to work ethic, we are very flexible with time you commit, we’re onto something with incredible potential so we’re doing all we can to make it happen.

ANDi: Your Mobile Gaming Assistant from ANDi Games on Vimeo.

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